Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Charlatans in the Midst

I have stumbled upon an amazing book (We Won't Get Fooled Again) that chronicles not only the pro-choice side of Mitt Romney but also of other major Republican leaders. It notes the number of compromises made and how some leaders view Christians as sheep that will mindlessly vote Republican as the lesser of two evils no matter who they put up.

It states clearly with evidence what I have long suspected - that most of the pro-life movement is a sham put up mainly for reasons of finance and puffing up people's pride.

"Almost no pro-life group of any clout proposes laws to completely end abortion." 

Not only is the idea of ending abortion foreign to them, some will openly mock the idea. Groups like Personhood Arkansas propose it, and Arkansas Right to Life publically deride the idea.  Phyllis Schaffley actually opposed the idea. It is a shock to those who are unaware of whats been going on and those naive enough to think no charlatans could be on the very lucrative pro-life side of the debate.

What would happen to these organizations should abortion really be ended is obvious. They will lose donors. They will not have effective fund raising. As the book Steve Deace and Greg Jackson wrote points out, these groups have largely turned in to 24/7 fundraising factions. They don't care about ending such a prize money cow and some have even gone so far as to say so.

It's difficult to tell the wheat from the chaff, but Personhood is one of those issues that does just that.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Waves of Pro-Lifers

We had a wonderful time during the States of Refuge Event in Little Rock September 12th through the 16th. The full report can be seen on here, but I wanted to share our update and how we saw the Lord move. My group remained in front of the abortion clinic each day as we felt led to do so. Despite the pro-aborts protesting us (although rather feebly) we did see four babies saved, including one mother who discovered she was carrying twins!

Please be in prayer for two men who were arrested in front of the abortion clinic there in Little Rock.

Finishing up that event we learned that Jason Storms would be coming to Little Rock on the heels of this event. God sends yet another wave after that as the 40 Days for Life have begun their campaign as well. As soon as the pro-aborts think they are rid of one group another comes. Praise God.

"In prayer it is better to have a heart without words, than words without a heart." (John Bunyan)

Let's hope that we can supply them with yet another wave after this.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Arkansas Signature Drive is Here!

Some churches in the area are already jumping on board and handing out officially as part of their church function. Others have dedicated members going in and handing these out. We have the boots on the ground but we hope to get as many people signing as possible.

If you want to collect signatures, please get with me. A soft copy of the petition is located below. Feel free to print it out and send it in.

------> Personhood Arkansas Signature Drive <------

"How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world." (Anne Frank)

We need to keep this issue in the forefront, especially while candidates are running for office. We've wandered 40 years in the wilderness of compromise. The time to abolish human abortion is upon us.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

What if your daughter were raped?

So in light of the butchered response by Todd Akin's on this topic I've come to several realizations. Mostly they involve how poorly we, in the pro-life movement, have done at addressing this topic, but other concepts as well.

Firstly, it seemed to me that Todd Akin's answer was coached, and coached badly. This could lead me to believe that he was one of about half the open pro-life candidates, that became pro-life as a way to win an election. (Hello Mr. Romney!) Or perhaps he is truly pro-life but let someone else prepare his answers. Either way it suggests he hasn't thought about this topic all that much.

I always try to think the best of people so you probably won't find me berating him over the slip of "legitimate rape". I won't speculate into what he meant. I think he has apologized and tried to correct. He also tried to claim that women are less likely to be pregnant when raped - I've yet to see any real data on that and I'm highly skeptical. Add that as another part of our growing need for the Abortion Wiki to save pro-lifers from themselves.

What I'd like to discuss instead is what the answer to the question would be from me. Not that I am a genius or the gold standard for pro-life, but I am a father of a 10 year old girl and an advocate for the ending of abortion without exceptions for rape. So I have an obligation to give an answer to this question as best as I can.

"In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on." (Robert Frost)

First, let me freely admit the obvious, if my daughter was raped it would be devastating. It would shatter not only her but my wife and I as well. It would not end us, but it would break off a piece of us. It would be terrifying and difficult to deal with. My heart goes out to anyone who has gone through that nightmare already.

At this point in my daughter's life she is not able to raise a child. She is still very much a wonderful child herself. She is currently 10 years old. I don't know how it could work. If you've had it work, please write me and tell me about it. I would love someone's first hand take on this. As for adoption --- while she could put up her child for adoption, I do not think I could bear it. Adoption is a wonderful option to be certain, but I cannot imagine I would be restful knowing that I have a granddaughter or son somewhere in the world and I could not be a part of her life.

My ultimate wish would be that I could get custody of my granddaughter and raise her. I don't pretend to know how this would work, but I know that I could love my grandchildren. Maybe this arraingement wouldn't last forever. Maybe when my daughter gets older I should turn custody back over to her. Whatever the case I know we could deal with each day as it comes -- just as we do today with five children. Millions of families make difficult situations work all the time. I'm sure I can take it.

What would never be an option would be to kill the child. For what purpose? What did the child do to deserve death?

So the argument is, "isn't it cruel to make your own daughter carry her attacker's child"?

As far as I can understand, an attacker would have no claim over a child in this situation. Solomon showed that the parent of the child is the one who will take care of her. A rapist has no such claim.

When any woman is victimized by rape, it is a bad time to take advantage of her mental state and suggest to her actions that could cause her more pain and regret later on. Killing a child is not a magic pill that makes the hurt go away. It will not miraculously heal the pain and the pro-aborts suggesting such only help to build up victims for a fall. A daughter is not the same as her father and promoting the connection only exacerbates a bad viewpoint. It is an unhealthy mind that would make that connection. The most beneficial position to take for a rape victim, and her family, is to maintain the boundaries in life that are universal constants. Doing right by the child gives the added benefit of creating an assuring boundary for the victim during an otherwise confusing and chaotic time.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

"Beautiful People" Hard At Work

They are the beautiful people. They are those misanthropes that protect the world from the ugly pro-lifers. 

Sometimes their tactics are hard to understand. They've needed harsher and stronger language to warn us as of late. One tactic might be to tell those ugly people at Operation Save America that the babies they are trying to save are just "ugly black babies"? Or perhaps they need to cheer on an attempted mass murderer to try to trip up the FRC on their hate crime stance

I kid you not. These things happened.

It's been a busy few months for the beautiful people. They've been busy protecting society from the mean and "ugly" pro-lifers by making these sorts of statements. Hopefully they reap  from all their hard work at sowing.

Now if you don't understand their tactics, you are not alone. I don't get these kinds of rants either, but then I am an ugly pro-lifer. Maybe you are more like us? They are the beautiful people after all (a Rush Limbaugh phrase) and their ways are higher than our ways most assuredly. So maybe we don't follow their reasoning because we are "ugly" pro-lifers -- blinded by our own bilious nature. 

"It is amazing how complete is the delusion that beauty is goodness." (Leo Tolstoy)

What is my opinion on all this? Perhaps it is good we pro-lifers are considered "ugly" by these people. Now maybe we can help save those gorgeous babies (to us at least -- and the Lord) given a similar moniker.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Abortion Wiki may save Plan B?

So I am somewhat keen on this idea that everything needs to have a wiki now. Still I was a bit surprised that there is a such a thing as The Abortion Wiki. Their purpose is to set the facts straight on abortion. They have a pro-life view and Lila Rose was just made part of the counsel so it should be good.

Honestly though, I hope the factual corrections go a bit both ways. I don't think the pro-life community is much served by less than factual arguments. I'll give a somewhat controversial example.

"Truth is stranger than Fiction, but it is because Fiction is obligated to stick to the possibilities; Truth isn't." (Mark Twain) 

For many years Plan B has advertised itself as an abortifacient. It has said so on it's very labeling. It has claimed that besides keeping fertilization from happening it could keep a newly formed person from implanting safely his/her mother's womb. That would make it an abortifacient. However this may have been just scientific speculation at the time of labeling. Recent studies have suggested that it is not effective at all in this regard and cannot keep a person from implanting, rather it can only keep fertilization from happening. That would make it just a contraceptive, and not an abortifacient.

So is it?

Thankfully, I don't need to be an expert. This is where we must have our position clear. The fundamental principle that I adumbrated  for whether it is or isn't an abortifacient is the key. Either Plan B does or doesn't keep a person from implanting. You do not have to be a scientist yourself to get through this issue if you stick to the basics of morality. Like any product that could potentially kill, testing is important to determine its safety. If the concerns prove unfounded in testing, it can be accepted. If not, it should be rejected.

The Pro-Abortion side wants to use this very confusing reversal of Plan B labeling as an accusation against the rest of us. They want to be able to call Pro-Lifers "lairs" to discredit them over issues like this. They hope to convince the general public that everything is too confusing to try to abolish human abortion. It's really a non-sequitur since the principle of abortion is not in dispute here. Still, this is a topic they can and already are spinning to those ends.

So maybe the Abortion Wiki can help all of us keep in line. Stopping the mass slaying of children is too important to spend time on nonfactual arguments.

Monday, August 20, 2012


I should start by saying, "welcome to the site". Hope you enjoy the site and find it informative.

I am the Personhood Dad and I'll do my best to keep this site about all about the things happening in the Pro-Life community and give my opinions and views on it. My aim and goal is to be humorous and informative, but we will have to see how that goes.

"People are never so trivial as when they take themselves seriously." (Oscar Wilde)

Hopefully I have the humor to keep everyone interested when I fail at the informative.

"Dad" because I am the father of five children. "Personhood" because that is the particular Baskin-Robbins flavor of Pro-Life bent that I adhere to. My unpaid full time job is District Director at Personhood Arkansas. My paying job is also full time. My part time job is sleeping though I'm often late for work, if not completely truant on it.