Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Charlatans in the Midst

I have stumbled upon an amazing book (We Won't Get Fooled Again) that chronicles not only the pro-choice side of Mitt Romney but also of other major Republican leaders. It notes the number of compromises made and how some leaders view Christians as sheep that will mindlessly vote Republican as the lesser of two evils no matter who they put up.

It states clearly with evidence what I have long suspected - that most of the pro-life movement is a sham put up mainly for reasons of finance and puffing up people's pride.

"Almost no pro-life group of any clout proposes laws to completely end abortion." 

Not only is the idea of ending abortion foreign to them, some will openly mock the idea. Groups like Personhood Arkansas propose it, and Arkansas Right to Life publically deride the idea.  Phyllis Schaffley actually opposed the idea. It is a shock to those who are unaware of whats been going on and those naive enough to think no charlatans could be on the very lucrative pro-life side of the debate.

What would happen to these organizations should abortion really be ended is obvious. They will lose donors. They will not have effective fund raising. As the book Steve Deace and Greg Jackson wrote points out, these groups have largely turned in to 24/7 fundraising factions. They don't care about ending such a prize money cow and some have even gone so far as to say so.

It's difficult to tell the wheat from the chaff, but Personhood is one of those issues that does just that.

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