Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Abortion Wiki may save Plan B?

So I am somewhat keen on this idea that everything needs to have a wiki now. Still I was a bit surprised that there is a such a thing as The Abortion Wiki. Their purpose is to set the facts straight on abortion. They have a pro-life view and Lila Rose was just made part of the counsel so it should be good.

Honestly though, I hope the factual corrections go a bit both ways. I don't think the pro-life community is much served by less than factual arguments. I'll give a somewhat controversial example.

"Truth is stranger than Fiction, but it is because Fiction is obligated to stick to the possibilities; Truth isn't." (Mark Twain) 

For many years Plan B has advertised itself as an abortifacient. It has said so on it's very labeling. It has claimed that besides keeping fertilization from happening it could keep a newly formed person from implanting safely his/her mother's womb. That would make it an abortifacient. However this may have been just scientific speculation at the time of labeling. Recent studies have suggested that it is not effective at all in this regard and cannot keep a person from implanting, rather it can only keep fertilization from happening. That would make it just a contraceptive, and not an abortifacient.

So is it?

Thankfully, I don't need to be an expert. This is where we must have our position clear. The fundamental principle that I adumbrated  for whether it is or isn't an abortifacient is the key. Either Plan B does or doesn't keep a person from implanting. You do not have to be a scientist yourself to get through this issue if you stick to the basics of morality. Like any product that could potentially kill, testing is important to determine its safety. If the concerns prove unfounded in testing, it can be accepted. If not, it should be rejected.

The Pro-Abortion side wants to use this very confusing reversal of Plan B labeling as an accusation against the rest of us. They want to be able to call Pro-Lifers "lairs" to discredit them over issues like this. They hope to convince the general public that everything is too confusing to try to abolish human abortion. It's really a non-sequitur since the principle of abortion is not in dispute here. Still, this is a topic they can and already are spinning to those ends.

So maybe the Abortion Wiki can help all of us keep in line. Stopping the mass slaying of children is too important to spend time on nonfactual arguments.

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